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What is the Girona Cycling Festival?

The GCF is a week-long event organised by the Club Ciclista Bike Breaks and supported by Bike Breaks Girona Cycle Centre. This event is growing every year bringing hundreds of riders from all over the world together to have fun and ride bikes with us!

Discover why Girona is home to 80+ professional riders and why this is the perfect Holiday destination not only on the bike but off the bike as well. You will be drawn in by the cobbled streets, ancient courtyards and stone facades that lie within the city walls.

During the week of the Cycling Festival we offer daily group rides to all the participants of any of our events. On these rides you will have the chance to meet people from across the globe while our local club riders will show you great routes around Catalonia. Throughout the week there will be ongoing dinners, parties and social events for you to enjoy. Family and friends are welcome to come and join us!

The Girona Cycling Festival will conclude with the Girona Gran Fondo, a beautiful 125km that takes you from Girona to the Volcanic Natural Park in Olot and back. This year there is also an additional ´challenge´ option in the Gran Fondo to take on local, iconic climb, Rocacorba. This will be an optional challenge and is not compulsory!