• Girona Cycling Festival 2017 – ROUND UP. By Bike Breaks Girona Cycle Centre . 

´The fourth edition of the Girona Cycling Festival has now been and gone and what a week it was!

We are still trying to process that it´s all over again for another year and concluded the week with mixed emotions- relief to be done but also sad it´s over and that most of our lovely Festival participants have returned home.

It was a challenging, emotional roller coaster from start to finish – full of highs and lows…´!

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  • Cycle Reviewer UK. Girona Cycling Festival, 2017. By Colin Dennis.

´Now in its fourth year, the week-long Girona Cycling Festival has quickly established itself as one of the friendliest, slick-running, cycling events that you could ever find yourself swept along in. I make no pretentions in saying that this is possibly the best week of cycling I’ve ever been part of.

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  • Halo Cycling Project. Girona Gran Fondo 2017 – summed up by mixed emotions. By Mike Duff.

´Why do we ride?  To feel more alive.  What is that about?  It’s about feeling the full gamut of emotions available to us.  Many of us have a lifestyle foisted on us, by society.  Our jobs, our roles in the world, mean we might be metaphorically tied to a desk on a weekly basis, limited in free time every year, and genetic accident might mean we are born into places where the weather keeps us indoors for too long each year.  None of this is what we as animals, in our deepest inner pockets of desire really wanted from our life – but when we get on our bikes, we leave this stuff far behind us, and FLY…´

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