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Girona Gran Fondo 2016 – Participant Terms and Conditions of Entry

These Terms and Conditions of Entry (“Entry Terms”) are designed to enable the Girona Cycling Festival held from Monday to Saturday June 2016 (the “Event”) to run smoothly and safely. By registering to participate in an Event activity, you (the “Participant”) accept and agree to be bound by these Entry Terms. These Entry Terms apply to, and are included into, any contract for the Event activities between the Participant and the Club Ciclista Bike Breaks Girona (the “Organizer”), whose registered office is at Carrer Mercaders 16, 17004 Girona, Catalonia, Spain. Unless otherwise agreed in writing, these Entry Terms override any other terms and conditions.

Key Dates & Times

See the Event Schedule for all key dates and times. Participant Requirements and Safety The non-profit Club Ciclista Bike Breaks Girona (the “Organizer[s]”) is committed to ensuring the safety and wellbeing of the Participants of the Girona Gran Fondo in all its features, and will be actively on course throughout the festival. Safe Cycling and Participant Etiquette

  1. The Girona Gran Fondo (GGF) is not an official “race”, but aself-paced ride or sportive. All participants are expected to be competent bike riders, to be familiar with cycle riding on public roads and have a suitable and well-maintained bicycle. It is expected that you would have some basic skills to undertake simple repairs on your bike.
  2. Helmets are mandatory. An approved cycling helmet is required. Cyclists must wear a certified cycling helmet with the chinstrap buckled at all times while riding on the course.
  3. “Stay Aware, Ride with Care”. Ride within the designated route. Ridesafely and in controland single file whenever possible. Any cyclist who is deemed to be riding unsafely, discourteously or recklessly will be removed from the Girona Gran Fondo. Any riders found cycling outside designated cycling lanes will be automatically disqualified and pulled from the course on the spot.
  4. No outside support vehicles are allowed along the course. Support vehicles and spectators are allowed in designated areas only. It is unsafe for spectators to stop at any other spot along the route.
  5. Emergency Vehicles ALWAYS have the right of way. If a rider encounters an emergency vehicle, the rider is to give way to the emergency vehicle by pulling over, stopping and dismounting.
  6. Display yourevent number. All registered cyclists must wear their event number according to race instructions. Riders who fail to do so will not receive an official finish time.
  7. No unregistered individuals. Unregistered riders will not be allowed on course during the event and will be taken out by the local authorities.
  8. Participants are permitted to use standard road bicycles. If you are interested in participating using any vehicle other than the standard road bicycle, we require that you contact the Organizer no later than one month in advance of the event.
  9. No personal audio devices such as MP3 players, headphones, personal stereos or usage of cell phones while riding. These devices present distractions and ultimately place you and other riders at risk of accident.
  10. Course closure: each component of the Event will have specific cut-off times for participants; these will be provided during pre-race briefings. Participants not able to meet the cut-off times should continue to follow the rules of the road or signal course marshals if they require assistance to get off the course. Riders must maintain an average speed of -/+22km/h (incl. rest stops) in order to stay within the event.
  11. No littering on course. Riders are to dispose of garbage in designated garbage bins only.
  12. Observing Traffic Management Personnel and course marshals. To disobey instructions from these individuals will result in disqualification from the ride.
  13. Public urination is not permitted. When nature calls, riders are asked to use public facilities.
  14. Treat volunteers with kindness and respect: We value our dedicated volunteers and want to ensure that they have a great time. Abuse of any volunteer will not be tolerated. Smiles and ‘thank-you’s will.
  15. Be familiar with the Rules of the Road andobey Spanish traffic regulations. As a participant you are expected to respect all road users and obey all road rules, event marshals, and officials at all times. While there may be some road closures and changed traffic conditions in place specifically for the race, participants MUST observe all road rules and use common sense and cycling etiquette at ALL TIMES. Local police will enforce traffic rules and regulations. If you are travelling from outside the EU, familiarize yourself with EU Road Safety information here: http://ec.europa.eu/transport/road_safety/specialist/knowledge/index.htm
  16. For the Nocturn portion of the Event, registered participants will receive a white light to be mounted to the front of the bicycle and a red light to be mounted at the rear. Lights must be clearly visible to other riders on the closed course.
  17. Be aware of others around you andcommunicatewell in advance while cycling. Use gestures in combination with verbal commands.
  18. “Stay to the Right”. Unless passing another rider, ensure that you stay as far to the right of the road as you can. This makes it easier for other riders to pass you safely on the left. It is recommended that cyclists advise others that they are about to pass – politely saying “on your left” upon approaching a rider usually does the trick. Ride with your head up. Look down the road not at the person in front of you.
  19. If you choose to stop while on course, signal to the riders behind and pull over safely. Our on-course support team (mechanics, ride marshals, medical staff) may ask you to indicate whether or not you need assistance. If you’re okay, then signal with a “thumbs-up” to say, “Everything’s good with me.”
  20. Maintain control and speed of your bike, especially going downhill. Do not take any risks or ride at excessive speed – remember the aim is to complete the ride safely
  21. Know your limits. Crashes can occur when inexperienced riders do not have bike-handling skills to make quick decisions in a pack.
  22. Never overlap your wheels with another cyclist.
  23. Berespectful of other riders and help others when needed.
  24. The use of aerobars is prohibited, riders with aerobars will not be allowed to start any of the events.
  25. The Organizer and its authorized representatives will not assist, aid or defend any Participants in the event they do not obey the laws of any Government or local statutory body that covers road use by cyclists.

Entry and Registration Terms & Conditions

  1. Participants may elect to take part in one or more of the elements of the Girona Cycling Festival, including:
  • Shop Rides – Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday
  • Timed Hill Climb – Tuesday 7th of June; 10.4 km hill race for licensed riders
  • The Nocturn – Thursday 9th of June; 10 laps of 2.06 km course through Girona
  • Girona Gran Fondo – Saturday 11th of June; full 122 km course
  1. A registration is not considered to be complete and a place held in the Event until all required Participant information is supplied and payment in full has been received.
  2. The Participant warrants that he/she has prior experience or will obtain experience riding in groups and be able to maintain a suitable average speed to complete the event within the indicated cut off times.
  3. The Participant must be aged 18 years or older on the day of the event to enter any of the events.
  4. If accepted, the Participant will be permitted to participate in the Event subject to his/her compliance with the Event Terms and any reasonable direction issued by the Organizers or their representatives.
  5. This document cannot be amended. If the Participant does amend it their application will be null and void and cannot be accepted by the Organizers.
  6. Individual insurance will be provided by the organization, it will cover to the Participant whilst participating in the Event. The Participant understands that this insurance may not cover him/her for all injury, loss or damage sustained by the Participant and acknowledges that the Organizer does not make any representations about the suitability of the insurance. The Participants also understand that they can, in their own interests and at their own expense, seek and obtain personal insurances over and above the cover provided by the Organizer or its insurance providers. By entering and taking part in the event the Participants are implying that they have made their own investigations into their own insurance needs and understand that insurance requirements are their responsibility and not the responsibility of the Organizer or any of the Event affiliates.
  7. The Organizer may, in its absolute discretion and without giving reasons for its decision, accept or refuse an application for registration.
  8. The Organizer has the right to close entries once the field cap has been reached regardless of the circumstances.
  9. Consent to medical treatment: the Participant consents to receiving any medical treatment that the Organizers or their authorized representatives consider necessary or desirable during or after the Event. The Participant also agrees to reimburse the Organizer for any costs or expenses incurred in providing such medical treatment. The Organizer recommends that Participants hold current relevant medical and/or health and/or ambulance service insurance to cover such costs.
  10. The Participant is fully responsible for the security of his/her personal possessions at the Event including the bike and other valuable items in all areas. The Organizer will not be liable for replacement of any personal possessions.
  11. To be eligible for on course refreshments, medical and mechanical support the Participant must have the race number and/or racer bracelet and any provided Jersey that is included in any entry fee for those events where it is supplied.
  12. If the Event or any portion thereof should need to be cancelled due to circumstances beyond the Organizer’s control (such as fire, earthquake, or other force majeure), the Organizer will use its best efforts to offer the Participant a suitable alternative. If the Organizer is unable to offer a suitable alternative, the Participant will be entitled to a refund of entry fees paid, minus any costs the Organizer has incurred related to the entry registration.
  13. Cancellations:
  • If the Participant wishes to cancel his/her participation in the Event, the Participant must notify the Organizer in writing, providing his/her name, address, event name and reason for cancelling.
  • No refunds are available for any reason, medical or otherwise.
  • However we do recognize that unforeseen events may occur. We have a transfer and deferral policy to help riders who are unable to ride with us.
  • Except as otherwise stated in these Entry Terms and as required by law, the Organizer is under no obligation to refund monies or entry fees due to non-use, cancellation, failure to participate or dissatisfaction by the Participant.
  1. Transfers and Deferral Policies:
  • Entrants will be able to transfer their registration to a friend if they notify the Organizer in writing up to 14 days before the Event. Transfers will attract a 25€ administration fee. Transfers will NOT be permitted after 14 days before the event.
  • Participants can defer their entry to the following year in the event of an injury or scheduling conflict. Deferrals will attract a 25€ administration fee.
  • It is important to note that all transfers and deferrals must be made up to 14 days before the event or they will not be accepted.
  1. Participant Communications:
  • Event communications will principally be made via email. The Participant must provide a valid email address. Participants should also “LIKE” the Girona Gran Fondo Facebook pages, read all news posts on the Girona Gran Fondo website http://www.gironagranfondo.com and look out for any updates via social media outlets. The Organizer will also provide a detailed newsletter and a participants’ information guide in the lead-up to the event.
  • The Participant consents to receiving and reading all information that is made available on the Girona Gran Fondo website, in email newsletters, Facebook, Twitter and all other literature concerning the event.
  1. A Girona Gran Fondo SAG Wagon will be operating for the duration of the event, to support Participants who have a mechanical break-down or are unable to continue riding due to exhaustion, injury or fatigue. The Organizers and authorized representatives will use their best endeavours to take due care in handling bikes and/or accessories on the Gran Fondo SAG Wagon, but are not responsible for any loss, damage, cost or expense that the Participant may suffer or incur as a result of the Even Organizer and its authorized representatives handling his/her bike and or accessories.
  2. Closing Dates for Entries: All online event entries close at 6pm, Friday 6th of May 2016 (GMT).

Acknowledgment and Waiver

  1. The Participant acknowledges and agrees that participation in the Event is inherently dangerous and that he/she may be exposed to certain risks during the Event including, but not limited to: (a) inclement weather; (b) rough roads; (c) navigational difficulties; (d) rider error; (e) unforeseen equipment failure; (f) overexertion; (g) dehydration; and (h) illness, collisions, crashes and accidents, that might cause the Participant or others injury, loss or death.
  2. The Participant agrees that the Organizer has no liability to the Participant for: (a) any injury or loss suffered by the Participant or others; or (b) for any damage to any of the Organizer’s or others’ property, arising directly or indirectly from participating in the Event, regardless of how such injury, loss or damage occurs.
  3. Subject to the exclusion of liability in clause 46) above, the maximum liability of the Organizer for all claims made by the Participant, whether as a result of any breach of these Entry Terms or on any other ground or terms whatsoever (including, but not limited to, liability as a result of tort, including negligence) will not exceed the total price paid by the Participant to the Organizer.
  4. No provision, other than those which are mandatory, will be implied by statute or at common law or otherwise into the Contract against the Organizer.  No representation or express condition or warranty will be binding upon the Organizer unless it is in writing.
  5. The Participant indemnifies the Organizer against all claims, damages or losses (including costs), which the Organizer incurs as the direct or indirect result of participation in the Event by the Participant or by any other party.
  6. In consideration of Girona Gran Fondo permitting the Participant to enter and participate in the event, the Participant hereby releases and indemnifies Club Ciclista Bike Breaks Girona, the Girona Gran Fondo team, the sponsors of the event, any volunteer groups and any of their respective representatives from and against all and any claims, law suits, demands, liabilities, loss and damage (including indirect and consequential loss), costs, expenses and interest, whether pursuant to common law or statute, that the Participant may suffer or incur arising from or connected with the Participant’s participation in the Event including as a result of the negligence, breach of duty, breach of care or other fault or responsibility of the Organizer, the sponsors of the event and any of their respective representatives.
  7. Compliance with Laws and Regulations: During the event, the Participant must comply with all traffic and road laws and regulations, all directions issued by local Police and all instructions given by Girona Gran Fondo, Club Ciclista Bike Breaks Girona or any employees or officials representing Girona Gran Fondo at the event. Failure to do so may result in the Participant being removed from the event and will not receive a registration refund.
  8. Compulsory Equipment and Clothing:
  • Participants must ensure that their bike, equipment and clothing are suitable for the nature of road riding undertaken during the event.
  • Participants must ensure that their bike is in excellent working order with consideration given to appropriate gearing, chain condition, saddle comfort, wheels, spokes and tyre condition and brakes efficiency.
  • All Participants are encouraged to carry the following equipment and clothing for the duration of the event: Brightly coloured rain/wind jacket; 2 x drink bottles; puncture repair kit and tubes; secondary food supplies.
  1. Preparation, Training, Health and Safety:
  • The Participant is responsible for ensuring that he/she has adequately and appropriately prepared both physically and mentally for the event. If the Participant has any health issues or doubts prior to the event, he/she should immediately seek appropriate medical advice.
  • It is solely the Participants’ responsibility to carry on them at all times suitable food and/or medication which may be necessary to treat any particular medical condition that they are aware of.
  • The Participant must ride in a safe and responsible manner during the event (as outlined in other portions of this document) and use common sense at all times.
  1. The Organizers and their authorized representatives reserve the right, in absolute discretion, to:
  • change or vary the route of any of the events without notice;
  • cancel, postpone, reschedule or change the time or place for the event for any reason and at any time prior to the commencement of the event; and
  • the Organizers and their authorized representatives are not responsible for or liable to the Participant for any loss, damage, cost or expense, whether direct, indirect, consequential or otherwise incurred by the Participant resulting from any such action taken.
  1. Travel Insurance: It is important that if travelling a long distance Participants take out Travel Insurance. It is essential that this insurance covers you for involuntary cancellation of your holiday including airfare(s).
  2. Photography: The Participant acknowledges and agrees that he/she may be photographed or filmed during the event and consents to the Organizers using the Participant’s picture and likeness contained in any photographs or film for publicising the event and for promoting any future ride or event to be staged by the Organizers.
  3. Participants in any of the Girona Gran Fondo events give their permission to have their details forwarded to the official photographer and timing contractor of the event.
  4. Privacy: The Organizer collects, uses, discloses and otherwise handles the Participant’s personal information in accordance with the terms of its Privacy Policy Statement. All information remains the property of the Organizer.
  5. The event will be held outdoors and may proceed notwithstanding poor weather conditions on the day of the Event. The Organizer is not liable to the Participant for any loss, damage, cost or expense of any kind including, but not limited to, refund of entry fees, in the event of poor weather before, during or if the event is cancelled.
  6. The Organizer reserves the right, in its absolute discretion, to refuse to allow the Participant to participate in the event or to remove the Participant from the event for breach of these terms and conditions or if it otherwise determines it appropriate to do so.
  7. The Organizer is not liable to the Participant for any loss, damage, cost or expense of any kind, including but not limited to, the refund of the entry fee, if the Participant is denied access to or removed from the event for any reason.
  8. The Participant agrees that the laws of Spain apply to these Entry Terms.  The Participant also agrees that these Entry Terms are binding on the Participant’s family, heirs, legal assigns and administrators and executors.  The Participant warrants that the Participant has fully read and understood these Entry Terms before entering into the Contract.
  9. If any part of these Entry Terms or its application to any party or any circumstances is or becomes unenforceable, void or illegal then unless that part is fundamental to the operation of the contract or contrary to public policy, the remaining terms and conditions will not be affected but will remain in full force and effect.
  10. The Organizer reserves the right to alter these Entry terms without notice. Any amendments will be placed on the Girona Gran Fondo website and will apply from the date that such amendments are placed on the website unless the amendments specify a later date from which they are to apply.
  11. The Participant acknowledges that they have read, understood, acknowledge and agree to the above declaration including the warning, exclusion of liability, release and indemnity. The Participant acknowledges that if their application to enter the Event is successful they will be entitled to participate in the Event.