Girona is located in the Northeast of Catalonia, Spain, just above Barcelona. Catalonia is an autonomous community and retains its own unique culture and language.

Surrounded by the incredible mountainous Pyrenean border  with France to the North and the stunning Costa Brava Coastline within reach just to the East, Girona has the prime location.

Catalonia is famous for its incredible gastronomy and is a reputable producer of wine and olive oil.

The province has a long, rich history and contains some of the best preserved and historically important Roman and Greek ruins in the world.


There is plenty to do for family members and friends who are not riders.

Girona’s old town is lined with gorgeous cobbled streets, boutique shops, countless restaurants and delicatessens. Visit the museums and the many historic buildings and tourist attractions; the Girona Cathedral, the Jewish Quarter, the Arab Baths and the Girona city wall are popular options. Or, explore the incredible squares, wander through the gorgeous parks and hit the other side of town for a shopping expedition.

There is always something going on in Girona – festivals, music, cultural events and amazing fresh daily markets, to name a few! Safe to say, you will be easily entertained and drawn in by the small but lively little city.