Volunteers are an integral part of the Girona Cycling Festival and bringing it to life! Without our volunteers, this event would not exist. Each edition we have been so grateful to have such a supportive team, helping us to create and run the best Festival possible. Thank you to you all, your support is deeply appreciated!

If volunteering at the Girona Cycling Festival is of interest and you are keen to join in on the fun, please do not hesitate to reach out. Let’s make 2020 the best yet and continue the great momentum from 2019, as we hope to grow into one of the best Cycling Festivals worldwide!

There are various different roles and areas where your help and expertise will be required throughout Festival week, but also leading up to the event.

Please note the events that you can or would like to help with and let us know your desired role. Thank you in advance!

All volunteers will get a special goodie bag from our sponsors, have the opportunity to join in on Festival fun and soak up the atmosphere throughout the week with friends, riders and visitors.

Events to volunteer:

To volunteer please contact us at: [email protected]